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Papers of the Cardiff European Landscape Conference 2003 available now

The Conference was devised and promoted by the Countryside Council for Wales, a public body sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government. It was made possible by a European Union Innovative Actions project: LANDMAP Extension, which was one of four projects within the Welsh Assembly Government's TASK Programme: Towards A Sustainable Knowledge-based region.

The conference report captures abstracts and summaries of the papers and of the many workshop discussions. The framework of the report is that of the conference itself. This framework draws on the thoughtful one provided by the Council of Europe's European landscape Convention.

A CD of many of the PowerPoint presentations, including many of the illustrations used, is also available on request from the Data Officer, Policy Directorate, Countryside Council for Wales, to whom requests for additional copies of this report should also be made.

The value of the conference as a unique step in the evolution of European landscape assessment and policy-making is evident from this report. It was in many ways a seminal event, marking a taking stock of the diverse range of approaches to landscape that have developed. Delegates remarked particularly on this diversity, and on the attempts that are being made to harness information about landscape qualities in the service of social and economic activity.

Conference delegates came from a wide range of backgrounds: research, government, consultancies, and voluntary bodies, and from areas as diverse as Australia, Iceland, Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany and Scandinavia as well as Ireland and the United Kingdom.

For further Information please contact:

Countryside Council for Wales

Maes-y-Ffynnon, Ffordd Penrhos, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2DW

Phone: 01248 385500

Email: ymholiadau@ccw.gov.uk

Website: www.cw.gov.uk

30.10.2003 Bjäres betesmarker

21.10.2003 Historiens djup i vårt kulturlandskap

19.10.2003 Grazingland Seminar at Bjäre/SE

20.07.2003 Eröffnung der Fuhrmanns- und Heimschneiderei-Museums in Frammersbach

11.07.2003 Inauguration of the Archaeology Centre Untamala

10.07.2003 Inauguration of the visitor centre at Untamala/Finland

27.06.2003 Rhostyfan Summer Walk

12.06.2003 Lectures about cultural landscape at Bovigaden/Sweden

25.05.2003 Designing the future - public consultation by Culture 2000

24.05.2003 Inauguration of the pathway "Old parishes at the Spessart"

18.05.2003 Lernfest zum 50 jährigen Bestehen der VHS Lohr

05.05.2003 Die Funde von der Burg Partenstein

04.05.2003 Inauguration of the cultural bicycle path "Oschaeffer anchor" at Mainaschaff

01.05.2003 Einladung zur Tagung "Wege in die Kulturlandschaft"

27.04.2003 Unter dem Pflaster liegt Geschichte - Neue Erkenntnisse zum alten Frammersbach

01.04.2003 Third action day for the maintaining of the cultural landscape in Lancashire

20.02.2003 Pathways to Cultural Landscapes at the valley of Hafenlohr/Spessart

07.02.2003 Start der Qualifizierung zum Kultur- und Landschaftsführer

29.01.2003 New Cultural Paths in the year 2003

15.01.2003 PCL auf der Abschlussveranstaltung der Initiative Bayerischer Untermain

10.01.2003 Spessart statistics

03.01.2003 Floods in and around the Spessart

01.01.2003 Wege in die Steinzeit - Veranstaltungsprogramm 2002 des AÖZA Albersdorf

01.01.2003 Frischer Wind im Informationszentrum Naturpark

01.12.2002 The Landscape of Arfon (Wales) goes online

01.11.2002 School exchange between Tallinn, Estonia and Heide, Germany

12.10.2002 Cultural Pathway at Heigenbrücken /Spessart

06.10.2002 EPCL on the day of regions in Hofbieber/Hessia

28.09.2002 Cultural Pathway Kempfenbrunn and Mosborn/Spessart

24.09.2002 EPCL at the EAA-Meeting in Thessaloniki (Greece)

18.09.2002 Senckenberg goes TV

14.09.2002 5000 years settlement on the border of the Spessart

06.09.2002 European Heritage Days in Estonia

04.09.2002 Network meets network: kick-off ceremony of the Learning Region Main-Kinzig+Spessart

01.09.2002 The EPCL on the Newcomers Festival

01.09.2002 Peatland conference

01.09.2002 "The future of the past"

01.09.2002 Bring History to Life

30.08.2002 New cultural paths in autumn 2002

18.08.2002 Erster Schleswig-Holsteinischer Naturerlebnismarkt in Albersdorf

16.08.2002 EPCL - Europäische Wanderausstellung startet in Albersdorf

16.08.2002 Flood on South Bohemia

13.08.2002 The devastating floods in Bohemia have paralyzed the Institute of Archaeology

16.06.2002 All ways lead to Rome - The cultural pathway of Lohr-Ruppertshütten

13.06.2002 Second actionday for maintaining the cultural landscape at Saaremaa (Estonia)

08.06.2002 EPCL at Frammersbach/Spessart

06.06.2002 Perceptions of the Historic Landscape

31.05.2002 Europe's Cultural Landscape: Archaeologists and the management of change

25.05.2002 Eurovision Song Contest with the Kaali meteorite

24.05.2002 The Spessart - a cultural landscape gives impulses for European Council

24.05.2002 PCL auf dem Archäologenkongress in Hamburg

18.05.2002 Inauguration of the pathway "Am Weißen Leimen" / Spessart

14.05.2002 Ireland signs and ratifies European Landscape Convention

01.05.2002 Scarecow Festival in Wray/Lancashire

30.04.2002 On the way to the roots of Bronze Age

27.04.2002 Inauguration of the pathway Haibach/Spessart

27.04.2002 PCL at the Main-Spessart-Fair in Lohr/Spessart

20.04.2002 Inauguration of the pathway of Lohr/Spessart

13.04.2002 Inauguration of the pathway "Heavy spar and railway - the begin of the industrialisation of Partenstein"

06.04.2002 Inauguration of the pathway of Neustadt/Spessart

25.03.2002 New cultural paths in spring 2002

19.03.2002 Raw material growing again for the Stone Age

03.03.2002 4th Albersdorf Colloquium "Cultural Landscapes" in Albersdorf (Germany)

20.02.2002 Invitation to the exhibition "2000 Jahre Landschaftswandel und Besiedelung"

29.01.2002 Actionday for maintaining the cultural landscape in Dowris (Ireland)

01.01.2002  Pathways to the Stone Age - calendar of envents for 2002 in Albersdorf/Germany

01.01.2002 Impressions from the clean-up works at the Kaali Meteorite Crater

21.12.2001 Poland signs the European Landscape Convention

06.12.2001 Presentation of the publication "Back to the Stone-Age Landscape" at Albersdorf (Germany)

22.11.2001 First Conference of the Contracting and signatury states of the European Landscape Convention - Florence Convention -

12.11.2001 Kaali team (Estonia) running aerial survey and mapping of the cultural landscape

07.11.2001 Inauguration ceremony of the exhibition "Cultural Landscape in pictures" at Untamala (Finnland)

02.11.2001 PCL at the Forum on Cultural Cooperation in Europe

25.10.2001 Invitation to the exhibition "Cultural Landscape in pictures" at Untamala (Finnland)

20.10.2001 Inauguration of the Cultural Pathway at Lohrhaupten/Spessart (Germany)

12.10.2001 Invitation to the 4th Albersdorf Colloquium "Cultural Landscapes" from February 27th to March 1st 2002 in Albersdorf (Germany)

11.09.2001 Impressions from the inauguration of the European Co-ordniation Office at Lohr a. Main (Germany)

27.07.2001 The Royal Lancashire Show at Astley Hall, Chorley, held on 27-29th July 2001

15.06.2001 Queen of Denmark and Prince Henrik visiting Kaali (Estonia)

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