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Culture 2000

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Inauguration of the pathway of Lohr/Spessart

Wombach and Rodenbach, first mentioned in 1325, developed from estates owned by the lower gentry of Rieneck. Both villages are linked historically to the town of Lohr. Over the centuries, the profession of forestry in particular had established itself in this area. People from Wombach and Rodenbach worked for pay in the municipal forests, in the Lohr forest and in the woods owned by the Prince of Löwenstein. They pursued traditional forestry in the forests owned by private people from Wombach and Rodenbach. The stops on the historical walk show the different work places of foresters, who were skilled in working with wood, Buntsandstein (type of sandstone) and in ploughing. Since 1972, Wombach and Rodenbach have become districts of Lohr on the Main River.


The church of Wombach/Spessart behind the first station of the pathway


Reading the leaflet of the pathway


Inauguration of the pathway by the major of the town of Lohr


Snow white took part as well


Prepearing a Spessart tastescape "Lakefleisch"


Recreation after a long walking tour

design: Kai M. Wurm
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