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Culture 2000

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Cultural Pathway Kempfenbrunn and Mosborn/Spessart

Inauguration of the Cultural Pathways

The founding dates of Kempfenbrunn and Mosborn are more than 400 years apart. Kempfenbrunn was first mentioned in a document of 1324; Mosborn was founded as late as 1768. The cultural path links the two villages and gives an introduction to the cultural landscape created by its inhabitants. On the way from the open Bergfeld area, which became part of Kempfenbrunn in 1768, to a so-called »Bindseil island«, the Laubersbach glassworks and the Mosborn settlement, and then back across the terraced fields to Kempfenbrunn it becomes clear that the seemingly natural Spessart landscape is largely man-made. There were various reasons for this transformation: the need for agricultural land, the availability of raw material for glass production, enough wood for glass production, and the availability of timber and other forest products.

Explication in "plain aire"

Small rest in a sand stone quarry


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