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Culture 2000

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Inauguration of the Cultural Pathway at Lohrhaupten/Spessart (Germany)

With the dedication of the church at Lohrhaupten in 1075 A.D. The oldest parish of the Spessart Mountains had come into being. It was the northern outpost of the Spessart Forest first belonging to the religious St. Peter and Alexander foundation of Aschaffenburg, but soon transferred to the archbishopric of Mainz.

Lohrhaupten was instrumental for securing the region for the archbishop. It was a border post against the Fulda monastery, and the parish, which was just a few farmsteads in the beginning, was a resting place on a significant trade route, the Birkenhain road. In the following centuries the place suffered from being spilt up among several territories. When it became part of the Hanau territory in 1684 it was of no more strategic value for the landgrave. The people who had lived here for centuries had to find a way to make a living, which was difficult to do with farming on the poor sandstone soils: How they nevertheless managed to make ends meet will be demonstrated along the nine kilometres of the Cultural Path.

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