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Culture 2000

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Inauguration of the pathway "Heavy spar and railway - the begin of the industrialisation of Partenstein"

The development of Partenstein was closely connected with the castle. Partenstein was important for the earls of Rieneck, to protect their residence in Lohr and the road to their properties in the Northern Spessart. Different hereditary Claims leaded to a double ownership over Partenstein in 1332 by the earls of Hanau and the earls of Rieneck, the latter were succeeded by the archbishopric of Mayence in 1559 and the double ownership continued until 1685. Thanks to the earls of Hanau Partenstein is one of the few Protestant villages in the area. When the railway was built in the middle of the 19th century it also brought the industrialisation to Partenstein, which proceeded around the mining of heavy spar - theme of this cultural path.


Inauguration ceremony in the village of Partenstein

On the way to the railway station

Gerrit Himmelsbach explaining the history of the railway station

On the old road of the heavy spar

traces of the goods wagons transporting heavy spar

Loading station for heavy spar

Picture with the officials in front of the mining area

The old mining area

Tastescapes with a traditional potato food from the Spessart

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