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School exchange between Tallinn, Estonia and Heide, Germany

Prehistory in Europe - A School exchange between Old Town School in Tallinn, Estonia and Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium in Heide, Germany, 27 October - 1 November 2002

The European Union Culture 2000 project "European Pathways to Cultural Landscapes" pays special attention on pedagogic work with schoolchildren and young adults. In the framework of the EPCL project a new initiative was started, when Rüdiger Kelm from Archäologisch-Ökologische Zentrum Albersdorf proposed to organise a school exchange between Schleswig-Holstein in Germany and Tallinn, Estonia. The AÖZA centre in Albersdorf and National Heritage Board in Tallinn first contacted several schools, and made the choice between the most interested schools to become partners in the project.

The visit of the 11 form students from the Old Town School in Tallinn to the Albersdorf Region was made possible by funding from the Robert Bosch Foundation. The aims of the visit were:

1) to introduce the students to the Stone and Bronze Age cultures and archaeological monuments in the North of Germany, thus strengthening also interest in the pre-history of Estonia,

2) to give the students first-hand experience in learning about the archaeological work of the German experts and scientists;

3) to experiment the crafts of Stone and Bronze Age people and as archaeologists,

4) to establish long-term relations with the partner school in Germany.

The aims were met to the full thanks to a comprehensive programme that Rüdiger Kelm had prepared for the week. The visit began with a theoretical part about the historical background to the geo-botany of the region, which was during the next days followed by the introduction of the AÖZA project area, whole-day excursions to the cultural landscape of Dithmarschen with visits to Bunsoh megalith graves, Bronze Age mounds, medieval towns and churches and history museum in Heide. In Büsum the students had the opportunity to see an archaeological excavation in progress, directed by Dirk Meier.

At the final seminar the Estonian students made presentations about the pre-history in Estonia and introduced the country and its people in general. The German students gave a good overview about the development of the Dithmarschen region, its landscape and history.

The visit was well reported in several German and Estonian newspapers and both partners look forward to continuing this co-operation of young students from Estonia and Germany.


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