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Culture 2000

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All ways lead to Rome - The cultural pathway of Lohr-Ruppertshütten

In 2002 Ruppertshütten celebrated its 500th anniversary as a glass melting settlement. For more than 200 years it was a village of glass makers and supporting professions (e.g. for supplying the fuel wood).

After the last glass works had been closed in 1726, Ruppertshütten was a place of extreme poverty, up to the 20th century. The people of Rupertshütten received much help from a Capucine priest. Martin von Cochem, of the arch-diocese of Mainz, who succeeded, by 1685, in the opening of a school as well as of a new glass works. The info-point called »Einsiedel« recalls the site of a former monastery in the middle of the forest, which served as a rest station on the much-travelled Birkenhain road.


Inauguration with the dictrict gouvernor of Main-Spessart

At the memorial of Hurbertus - the saint of the hunters

Presentation of one of the posters

The hunters music


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