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The Landscape of Arfon (Wales) goes online

The Wales national project is being undertaken by Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, with match funding from Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments. It builds on the historic landscape characterisation work which The Trust and others have been carrying out recently, and the European Union funding is intended to take this a step further by involving the public in exploring what they understand by 'cultural landscapes'. The area chosen for the study is the western part of Arfon.

It contains a wide variety of different landscapes - agricultural, industrial, settlements, mountains and coastline. The initial characterisation work has been completed, and discussions are taking place with various local authority officers and community leaders.

Now a website has been produced which outlines the project and invites local communities to get involved in defining, mapping and caring for what they consider important about their local cultural landscapes, and what contributes to their perception of regional identity and a sense of place. This is intended to complement and provide a balance to the traditional specialist, academic, approach.

You are invited to participate in this project, whether you live in the project area or not. A questionnaire on this website supports the structure.

The partner is Arfon would like to hear from everyone who is interested in, or would like to find out more about, the cultural landscapes of Arfon.


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