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The Spessart - a cultural landscape gives impulses for European Council

Strasburg At the end of last week, representatives from 22 nations joined a meeting of the signatory states of the European Landscape Convention - Florence Convention, a treaty which assigns cultural landscape a high value status. This year, for the first time, the Archaeological Spessart Project (ASP) together with the EU funded project "Pathways to Cultural Landscapes" (PCL) participated as an advisory NGO, represented by members of their main office in Lohr on the Main, Germany. ASP will take part in several upcoming symposiums and workshops on the implementation of the European Landscape Convention. The aim of these meetings is to pass on the importance and chances associated with sustainable use and management of cultural landscapes to the European people.

The ASP and the EU-Bureau in Lohr received much attention and positive recognition on their handling of cultural landscapes during the Strasbourg conference:

- Representatives from both the political and administrative scene stressed the necessity of developing a sufficiently dense network of cultural paths to raise and strengthen the cultural identity of local people.

- A project focused on conveying cultural landscapes and their worth to children was also stressed as an extremely important step toward raising awareness for cultural heritage. This unique project is being conducted as a joint cooperation between the EU-Bureau Lohr and St. Elisabeth's Kindergarten in Lohr on the Main, Germany. Several ministries of culture and education have stated their interest and like the Swiss for example, will be informing themselves in further detail on the projects' forthcoming in the following weeks and months.

- "Pathways to Cultural Landscapes"' internet presentation (www.pcl-eu.de) was highly acclaimed by the Council for its interesting, diverse and informative character.

The achievements of the joint venture between "Pathways to Cultural Landscapes" and the Archaeological Spessart Project were readily acknowledge in the closing statements given by the Council President.

The development of the Spessart as a cultural landscape in cooperation with the other eleven partners of "Pathways to Cultural Landscapes" Spessart was thus given much consideration. In the case of the Spessart the local community was involved from the very first step/very beginning of the project. This contact continuously proves to be the core element in strengthening the concepts of cultural landscapes. The experiences won in the Spessart will be very important for implementing the European Landscape Convention and will give direction for further development in the future.


2nd Conference to the Europeans Landscape Convention


Exterior view of the European Parliament Buildings in Strasburg

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