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EPCL on the day of regions in Hofbieber/Hessia

More than 900 events during the last three years, mainly in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia gave a forum for regional products and services. The various strength of economy, ecology and culture can be shown at the "day of the regions" in a very sustainable way. This year all these actions took place on October 6th - and first time as a nation-wide action.

More information to the "day of the regions":


On invitation of the "Working Pool Rhön" and "Spessart regional" - an initiative of the Hessian communities of the Spessart region "Pathways to Cultural Landscapes" and the "Archaeological Spessart-Project" could be present at the "day of the regions" in Hofbieber/Hessia: On this Sunday in the community centre of Hofbieber you could see presentations and actions from the regional development, agriculture, art craft, tourism and culture. During this rainy day, many people of the region took place on this event. All persons being responsible for the management of the cultural landscape in the Rhön and - partly - in the Spessart had a very good forum for exchange of ideas and further projects.


In the community centre of Hofbieber


Presentation of the project "Pathways to Cultural Landscapes"


Dr. Gerrit Himmelsbach explaining the project


A regional group in costumes


The forest manager of Hofbieber

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