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Invitation to the exhibition "Cultural Landscape in pictures" at Untamala (Finnland)

The National Board of Antiquities and the school system of the city of Laitila are organising a photograph exhibition Cultural Landscape in Pictures. Pupils from the Untamala Elementary School and the Varppee Secondary School participated in creating the exhibition. The age of the photographers ranges from pre-school to upper secondary pupils.

The photograph exhibition is a part of the European Pathways to Cultural Landscapes project. The purpose of this joint venture between nine countries is to perceive and to bring forth European cultural landscapes. Each country that participates into the project has its own given area, in which the cultural landscape has a considerable historical dimension. During the course of the project, the special characteristics of the cultural landscape are emphasised and it is examined from different angles. The joint project is to take three years, and it began in the spring 2001. The given area of Finland is Vakka-Suomi, and especially the village of Untamala. The archaeological department of the National Board of Antiquities realizes Finland?s part of the project.

The aim of the Cultural Landscape in Pictures is to create interaction between the residents of the area, especially the school children, and the authorities responsible for the care and the preservation of the cultural landscape. The photographs are a medium through which the children can express their view on what they consider their cultural landscape to be. Cultural landscape is a broad concept, but central to it is the human imprint. Each of us has our own vision of what cultural landscape is. The Cultural Landscape in Picture exhibition will present us with a cross-section of what Vakka-Suomi school children of varying ages consider their cultural landscape to be.

The main sponsors of the Cultural Landscapes in Pictures exhibition are the Culture 2000 program of the European Commission and the National Board of Antiquities. Its directors are Keeper Satu Mikkonen-Hirvonen of the National Board of Antiquities, Headmaster Marita Paana of the Untamala Elementary School, and the teacher Jari Nordman from the school of Varppee. The photographs that make up the exhibition were taken in September and in October, and the exhibition will be opened in the town hall of Laitila on the 07.11.2001.

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