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Invitation to the 4th Albersdorf Colloquium "Cultural Landscapes" from February 27th to March 1st 2002 in Albersdorf (Germany)

In cooperation with the Archaeological Heritage Board of Schleswig-Holstein, Schleswig, the Research- and Technology-Center, Büsum, the Museum of the Prehistory of the County of Dithmarschen, Heide, and the Development Society in Brunsbüttel the Archaeological-Ecological Center Albersdorf (AÖZA) kindly invites you to the 4. Scientific Meeting in Albersdorf.

The Meeting is held on Thursday, the 28. February 2002, in the Bürgerhaus Albersdorf (address: Oesterstraße, D-25767 Albersdorf).

The topic of this year’s meeting is:

Historic Cultural Landscapes

Possibilities of their Documentation, their recent Threats, their Protection for the future and their sustainable Use and Development

Since 1997 the "Archaeological-Ecological Center Albersdorf" (AÖZA) in the County of Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, is working on the aim to re-establish a Cultural Landscape from the Neolithic for about 5.000 years ago on an archaeological and ecological interesting area of about 80 acres. To realize this idea the project takes the following concrete steps: By a mostly natural, but on the base of a landscape-plan controlled development the AÖZA wants to establish in a long-term perspective a type of landscape which reminds in its structure, proportion and in other aspects of a Neolithic environment. The leitmotiv for the landscape-development is half-open pasture woodland, which is formed by the domestic animals of the first farmers of the west coast. As a second step the AÖZA is - since the summer of 2000 - building up a "Neolithic Village" as an open-air museum on the project area in the immediate vicinity of original prehistoric grave-monuments. These reconstructions have their scientific foundation on new archaeological data. Besides this works it is planned to build up until 2005 a museum that deals mainly with the subject of "Man and Environment in Northern Germany in the Neolithic".

Another important step in the project is - especially in cooperation with the international project "Pathways to Cultural Landscapes" (www.pcl-eu.de) - the documentation of elements and traces of the historical cultural Landscape in the region of the Southern Dithmarscher Geest and the sustainable (touristy) use of this area. The project "Pathways to Cultural Landscapes" is under the leadership of the community of Albersdorf (www.albersdorf.de) funded by the Culture 2000-Programme of the Cultural Commission of the European Union.

Besides this visitor- and mediation-orientated aim of the project the standardized and by this way interregional comparable documentation of historical cultural Landscapes for the development of landscape-management plans and landscape-protection concepts for the future is also an important part of the work. The aim of the meeting is the discussion of modern possibilities of documentation of cultural landscapes and of their recent threats. From this point we also would like to discuss consequences for the protection and for the sustainable use of this landscape types.

The following themes are going to be discussed:

  • Historical Cultural Landscape - What is this?
  • Which possibilities for the modern documentation of cultural landscapes of the past exist?
  • Examples of modern landscape-management- and landscape-protection-concepts
  • How could we use cultural landscapes for touristical and other reasons in a sustainable way?

All results of the meeting are going to be summarized in a proceeding volume.

The Charge for the meeting is € 15,- incl. drinks and lunch buffet (excl. bus excursion on Friday the 1. march 2002!). The charge will be paid on the 28. February 2002 at the meeting office in Albersdorf.

For the organization it is necessary to return the announcement latest until the 10. February 2002!

Adress: Förderverein AÖZA e. V., Bahnhofstr. 23, D-25767 Albersdorf,

Phone: 0049-4835-950293, Fax: 0049-4835-979797, mail: aoeza@freenet.de.

Kind regards


Dipl.-Prähist. Rüdiger Kelm

(AÖZA, Albersdorf)


P.S. If you do not know anything about AÖZA, please have a look at our homepages www.aoeza.de and www.pcl-eud.de!


Preliminary Programme:

28. 2. 2002

8.30 - 10.00: Introduction and Lectures;

Coffee Break;

10.30 - 12.00: Lectures;

Lunch Break;

13.00 - 14.00: Poster and GIS-Presentation;

14.00 - 15.30: Lectures;

Coffee Break;

16.00 - 17.30: Lectures and Summary.

1. 3. 2002

appr. 9.00 - 12.30: An overview of a Northern German Cultural Landscape - Research and Monuments on the Geest and in the Marshlands of the county of Dithmarschen

(Bus excursion with the visit of the project- area of the AÖZA and archaeological monuments and landscape sites in Southern Dithmarschen);

Alternative in the case of bad weather: Visit o the Museum of the Prehistory of Dithmarschen in Heide.

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