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Flood on South Bohemia

During the catastrophical floods in South Bohemia on the 13th of August 2002 the dams of several ponds in the region of the town of Blatná broke. The floods destroyed or severely damaged the villages of Metly, Předmíř and Tchořovice. They are small, typical South Bohemian villages with a rich life and age-old traditions. The houses of a lot of families were completely destroyed and most of the other houses are severely damaged. People have lost all their possessions which they had amassed over many generations.

There are a lot of regions which have been severely damaged in the Czech Republic. Of course, help from inside the country and from abroad will mostly go to the big disaster centres like Český Krumlov and Prague. It is possible, that some smaller places won't get help until later.

The Archeos company, which is involved in the protection of cultural heritage, is organizing a targeted international financial collection with the town of Blatná with the aim of helping this stricken area. If you want to help us, please, send any financial support at the following account, which is under authority of the town of Blatna. An overview of how the financial means are used will be regularly published on the internet address above.

Recipient of financial support: The town of Blatná, Czech Republic
Bank: Česká spořitelna a. s., CZ-388 01 Blatná
Account: 682760399 / 0800, var.symb 9, const.symb. 558


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