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5000 years settlement on the border of the Spessart

Since the Neolithic (approx. 3000 BC), our ancestors settled in several phases on the flood-proof riverside terraces near Kahl until Christ's birth. As assumed, the beginnings of today's village were at about 800 AD. In 1282, Kahl was mentioned in a document for the first time. At this time it belonged to the so-called »Freigericht« (Vehmgericht), an association of several villages, which asserted special rights to the sovereigns, in particular to the archbishops of Mayence. Kahl came under Mayence's rule in 1425 by buying, and remained there until Mayence was secula-rized. Kahl became a border village with customs post in 1816 under Bavarian rule. Then in 1854, Kahl had its con-nection to the industrial revolution by constructing the royal Bavarian west railway which was followed by the local opencast brown coal mining and the installation of the »Kahlgrundbahn« (Kahl rails) in 1898. The Kahl people were always used to implement trade and indus-try, as in the 18th century there had already been eleven mills in this region. Being part of the Rhine-Main indus-trial area Kahl has now big industrial zones, too. The for-mer brown coal mines have meanwhile been filled with water and are part of an attractive recreational area together with the Kahl pasture lands.


Inauguration with local music


Speech of the district governor of Aschaffenburg


Cultural pathway "Um die Kahler Vorstadt"


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Fotos von Helmut Röll, Kahl/Spessart

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