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EPCL at Frammersbach/Spessart

On June 8th 2002 a temporary exhibition could be opened to show the first steps to establish a museum in Frammersbach. This museum will present the traditions of the waggoners and dressmakers in this village in the Spessart. The museum is a joint venture from the village of Frammersbach and the Archaeological Spessart Project. It will become a centre for the management of the cultural landscape in this area.

During four days, nearly several hundred visitors got an impression of the labour and the daily life in Frammersbach in the last centuries.

The European project “Pathways to Cultural Landscapes” could present during this exhibition some posters and a computer animation to the didactical project with the kindergarten St. Elisabeth in Frammersbach.


Opening ceremony with the mayor of Frammersbach


Demonstration of dressmaking


The EPCL section

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