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Culture 2000

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Inauguration of the pathway "Am Weißen Leimen" / Spessart

There is a ridge extending from Hofstetten and Hausen to Eichelsbach called "Weisser Leimen", to be translated as White Loam Moutain. The name-giving element for this triple culture trail is a whitish loam blanketing part of the slopes.

The "Weisser Leimen" is a landscape element of the Spessart Mountains closely related to the medieval Himmelthal Monastery. Traces of human settlement reach much further back into the past, though, by several thousand years. Near the village of Eichelsbach remains of Neolithic settlements have been identified indicating a vast populated area at that time. Also during the Middle Ages settlement was much more dense than today, as exemplified by an abandoned settlement and the ruins of a castle. Visible are also elements of former agricultural land use: traditional orchards about 80 years old are the home of the little owl, quite seldomly met by now in Bavaria. On Plattenberg Mountain we can enjoy a particular orchid vegetation, dependent on one of the rare occurrences in this area of limestone concretions from an eroded loess blanket. There is also some art: in the former church of Hausen you may even visit an artist's studio on Sundays.


Citizens of Kleinwallstadt 

Inauguration ceremony 

Disclosure of the board at the beginning of the pathway 

The district gouverners and the mayors of the Spessart 

Tastescapes form the Spessart after a long walk

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