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The EPCL on the Newcomers Festival

The 2nd annual Newcomers Festival is an exciting event for the international community in the Rhine-Main region. Organised by the state of Hessen Economics Ministery and the InvestionsBank Hessen (IBH), the festival was held at Wiesbaden's Kurhaus on Sunday, 1 September from 1-6 p.m.

The state of Hessen and its economic promotion agency IBH recognizes the importance of helping the international community get off to a good start in their two to three year stay in the region. The Newcomers Festival is a fun and informative event that allows the international community to discover the attractiveness and diversity of the region.

One of the 80 exhibitors (companies, non-profit clubs, as well as important state and city institutions) was the “Initiative Bayerischer Untermain”. Together with them the Archaelolgical Spessart-Project and the European Pathways to Cultural Landscapes were able be present their products.

For more informations to newcomers in Hessen:



The spa rooms of Wiesbaden

The main part of the exhibition

Presentation of the "Initiative Bayerischer Untermain" with our chairman

The obilgatory "cake of European Pathways to Cultural Landscapes"

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