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Inauguration of the cultural bicycle path "Oschaeffer anchor" at Mainaschaff

Although located at the Main River, Mainaschaff was always an agaricultural village that never played a role in shipping or fishing, except for a short time in the 19th Century when ships were pulled upriver by horses. The first reference is from 1184. The village was always north-west-oriented, towards Kleinostheim and Dettingen, and with them it shared the right of use of the »Ossenheim Mark«, a large forest area in between those three villages. In medieval times Mainaschaff first belonged to the counts of Rieneck, then to the convent of St. Peter and Alexander in Aschaffenburg. Their manor, next to the church of Mainaschaff, was testimony to their rule.

Mainaschaff gained from the construction of the autobahn since 1955. Thanks to the improved traffic situation various industries were attracted and brought prosperity. The advent of modernity dramatically changed the look and structure of the village.

The name given to this bicycle cultural path (which of course also can be made on foot), »Oscheffer Anker« refers to the name of the market square of Mainaschaff, which is called anchoring place for reasons unknown. At several stations along the Main River, between the high rises and the mouth of the Aschaff River, the visitor will be informed on the history of the Mainpark Lake, the railroad bridge, the ferry, the barrage as well as the mouth of the Aschaff River. A detour to the "Kapellenberg" follows a way of the Cross, leading to a former vineyard. The path starts just below the »Ankerplatz« with the history of the Mainaschaff barrage 1914-1972


Inauguration of the pathway of Mainaschaff

The district governor opening the pathway

Gerrit Himmelsbach explaining the pathway

The anchor - The sign of the pathway


On tour

A dentists garbage container


design: Kai M. Wurm
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