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Culture 2000

European Union


Twelve projects, ten nations, one goal

Pathways to Cultural Landscapes is a joint venture with twelve participating projects aimed at studying, mediating and preserving cultural landscapes. Each of the national projects incorporates organisations and committed people - scientists, heritage board, landscape caretakers, students, probationers and volunteers.

Pathways to Cultural Landscapes was dedicated to "marginal" landscapes, border regions and landscapes whose image is one of poverty and historical insignificance, landscapes, which are often not perceived as such. That is why they need our special attention.

Such landscapes are both the basis and the expression of our heritage and our cultural diversity. Despite their unique differences they all have one thing in common: vulnerability towards today's society.

Today many people deal with landscapes. This project is managed and conjured by archaeologists and wishes to add a fourth dimension, namely time, to the three-dimensional landscape. Time is precisely what changes a landscape into a cultural landscape under the interacting influences of nature and man.

design: Kai M. Wurm
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