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Graham Fairclough, BA, MIFA, FSA

Graham is an archaeologist who started his career digging Roman forts but has moved on to studying the whole landscape. He is a specialist in archaeological resource management, having applied archaeological disciplines to heritage management for over a quarter-century as part of England’s state conservation agency (since 1984, English Heritage). He is currently in charge of English Heritage’s Monuments Protection Programme, a national review of the archaeological significance of the historic environment designed to facilitate its protection, and of the English Heritage Historic Landscape Characterisation programme. Throughout the 1990s he developed English Heritage’s thinking on integrated environmental management, sustainability in the historic environment, and archaeological conservation in spatial planning.


Excavations on medieval and later urban and castle sites, preparation of Archaeology and Planning (PPG16 - spatial planning government guidelines, the English precursor of Valetta), the English Heritage Sustainable Development programme 1993-97, and the national Historic Landscape Characterisation programme.

Selected publications:

Fairclough, G.J., 1992: Meaningful Constructions - spatial and functional analysis of medieval buildings, in Antiquity 66 no 251 pp 348-366

Countryside Commission, 1994, 1996: Views From the Past - historic landscape character in the English countryside, Cheltenham

Fairclough, G. J., 1995: The Sum of All Its Parts : An Overview of the Politics of Integrated Management in England, in Berry A Q and Brown I W 1995 Managing ancient monuments - an integrated approach pp 17 - 28, Clwyd Archaeological Services and ACAO

English Heritage, 1997: Sustaining the historic environment: new perspectives on the future, an English Heritage discussion document, English Heritage, London

Fairclough, G. J., 1999: Protecting Time and Space: understanding historic landscape for conservation in England, in The Archaeology and Anthropology of Landscape: Shaping your landscape (proceedings of the World Archaeology Congress, New Delhi, 1994) (eds Ucko, PJ, and Layton, R), One World Archaeology 30, 119-34, Routledge, London

Fairclough, G. J., Lambrick, G., and McNab, A.1999: Yesterday's World, Tomorrow's Landscape (The English Heritage Historic Landscape Project 1992-94), English Heritage, London

Fairclough, G. J. (ed), 1999: Historic Landscape Characterisation (Papers presented at an English Heritage seminar held at the Society of Antiquaries, 11 December 1998), English Heritage, London

Fairclough, G. J., forthcoming (a) (2002): Cultural landscape and spatial planning, in Historic Environments of the North Sea, proceedings of an InterReg II conference, 29-31 March 2001, South Shields

Fairclough, G. J., forthcoming (b) (2002): Cultural landscape, computers and characterisation, in the Proceedings of the 2001 Computer Applications in Archaeology conference, Visby, 26-29 April 2001

Fairclough, G.J., forthcoming (c) (2002): Cultural landscape, sustainability and living with change?, in the proceedings of the US/ICOMOS 4th International Symposium 5-8 April, 2001, Philadelphia

Fairclough, G.J., and Rippon, S.J. (eds), forthcoming (2002): Europe’s cultural landscape: archaeologists and the management of change, Europae Archaeologiae Consilium (EAC occasional paper no 2)

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