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Museum for Prehistory of Dithmarschen and Local Heritage Museum Heide

The Museum of Heide is the only prevailingly archaeological museum at the western coast of Schleswig-Holstein. Apart from that it offers topics concerning countryside history, amber, animal world, history of the town of Heide, textiles, pottery and other crafts. Since 1967, the museum is situated in the building of the former national bank. The museum was founded 1904 by the trade association.

The main part of the exhibition is formed by the Museum for Prehistory in Dithmarschen (body responsible: District of Dithmarschen), which is prevailently devoted to archaeology, but also to the history of the landscape and the nature of the region (e.g. animal dioramas, amber inclusions). Here you can not only admire many things, but there is also a lot to touch and try, e.g. how fire was kindled in primeval times, how you can draw sound out of imitated bronce lurer or what the walls of an Iron Age farmhouse feel like.


design: Kai M. Wurm
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