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Culture 2000

European Union


The Cultural Landscape of Eastern Trentino

Sentiero Etnografico del Vanoi

This project has the objective to safeguard the historical heritage and the natural resources, as the Vanoi valley has been a major transport way for wood to the south. The area depended economically on this trade and foresting was regulated very early. The institute has started with the study of this area and with the construction of pathways to the cultural landscape. But these studies needs to be deepened and new aspects considered.

An exhibition, to show the development of this landscape shall also be created. Dissemination tools shall be used to spread knowledge and raise interest through Internet, interaction with schools and educative attractions for tourists.


Building on the existing research, new tools shall be introduced to gain information about the former forest economy. Ethno-zoological studies on the development of local cattle and a study examining the role of the potato and how it changed agriculture practice and the strategies of using common land by the local people.


Annual seminars will be held to discuss experiences with experts from different sectors. A conference to discuss the development of the territory and the cultural historic heritage will also be hosted. Multimedia technologies will be used to disseminate and discuss items with the public. Signs will be set up to promote access to the cultural landscape. Exhibitions for tourists will help to make tourists aware of the cultural potential of this landscape. Guided tours for tourists as well as schools will help to spread knowledge directly in the field. In the centre it-self a map with general information will be exposed. Folders will explain the path ways. Detailed folders will explain special aspects of the landscape and be available at these points.


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Natural Park Paneveggio

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