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Manfred Trube

Born October 10th 1939 in Hahnenkamp. As a teachers´ son, he grew up and attended school in different areas of Schleswig-Holstein. Took part in students exchange to London. Finished secondary schooling at an economics high school in Hamburg. Was trained as an import-export merchant in Hamburg. Served his military service in 1960 and remained with the corps, where he worked in staff organisation and training as Company Officer, teacher for methodology and film consultant. Retired from the army as Major in 1992.

Married since 1964 with 3 children.

Since 1969, he has been active in communal politics, first as a "Stadtverordneter" of Lütjenburg and became community representative of Albersdorf in 1974. He has been mayor of Albersdorf since 1978 and is presently also member of the county parliament of the Dithmarschen County.

Other activities and hobbies

Member of the supervisory board for various companies, organisations and foundations

Head of the support association Archeological and Ecological Centre Albersdorf (AÖZA e.V.)

Member in the Lions Club

Editor of several books on the history of Albersdorf; co-authorship on various publications

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