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Annila Sterner

Education and further studies:

1960-63 studies with Oskar Kokoschka at Summer Academy “Schule des Sehens” in Salzburg, Austria.

1963 graduated at the University of Stockholm, Sweden, in Nordic and Comparative Archaeology, Art History, Ethnography and the Italian Language.

1963-64 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy.

1966 graduated in Physiotherapy at SIIS Institute, Stockholm.

1991-92 studies in Grafic Arts at the Royal Academy of Art, Stockholm.

Professional life:

Working mainly as an artist, exhibiting regularly since 1970. Represented in museums and public collections all over Sweden.

Since 1995 working full time with Bronze Age projects.

Initiator of Bronstid Society.

Initiator and co-ordinator of EU Raphael project “European Cultural Paths”, mother project of EPCL.

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