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Dr. Martin Kuna

Born: 28.4.1954

Education : Studies of archaeology at the Charles University, Prague (1973-1978) and Belgrade University (1977-78), PhDr. (Prague, 1979), CSc. (2001). Research fellowships: Cambridge (1993), Berkeley (1997).

Previous projects: Ph Dr. thesis on the earliest copper metallurgy in south-eastern Europe (1977-78); large-scale rescue excavation at a multicultural prehistoric and Early Mediaeval site at Roztoky, Central Bohemia (1979-83); participation in the Cultural Triangle Project, Sri Lanka (1984); survey projects in Central Bohemia (1986-1989); Ancient Landscape Reconstruction in Bohemia (joint project of the Institute of Archaeology and the Sheffield University, 1991-1995).

Current job and projects: Institute of Archaeology, Department of Spatial Archaeology (Head of Department). The Department specialises in the development of non-destructive field methods and techniques (aerial archaeology, surface artefact survey, geophysics), maintenance of the "Archaeological Record of Bohemia" (records on excavations and finds on the territory of Bohemia) and spatial analysis of prehistoric settlement patterns. Current project on archaeological prediction.

Personal specialisation: Theory and methodology of archaeological field surveys, GIS application in archaeology, databases in archaeology, Bronze Age settlement archaeology.


Selected bibliography:

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