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Culture 2000

European Union


Prof. Dr. Mats Åke Gustafsson


* November 19th 1941

Academic merits

Phil cand: At the University of Lund in 1968, comprising Botany (3 marks), Genetics (2) and Pedagogic (1). In addition I have studied Zoology (2 marks).

Dr: I defended my thesis entitled "Evolutionary trends in the Atriplex prostrata group of Scandinavia" in May 1975 at the University of Lund. Faculty opponent was professor Peter Raven, Missouri, USA.

Reward: I received the Hierta-Retzius grant for the best thesis in biology at the University that year.

Professor since 1995 at the Swedish University of Agricultural sciences, institute of plant protection sciences, Alnarp


The University of Lund, 1968-1976

The Swedish Seed Association (later Svalöf AB), 1977-1981

SLU, Institute of Plant Breeding, Svalöv, 1980/81-1995

SLU, Department of Plant Protection Sciences, 1995-2000

SLU, Department of Crop Science 2000-


I have supervised (alone or as one in a team) the following PhD-students for doctors degree:

Kerstin Olsson, Dr in 1989. Impact damage, gangrene and dry rot in potato.

Erland Liljeroth, Dr in 1990. Microorganisms in the rhizosphere of barley and wheat.

Rolf Stegmark, Dr in 1992. Breeding for partial resistance to downy mildew in peas.

Udda Lundquist, Dr in 1992. Mutation research in barley.

Chen Bifang, Dr in 1996. Cytogenetics of Brassica species and addition lines.

Carita Lannér, Dr in 1997. Genetic relationships in the Brassica oleracea cytodeme.

Merja Veteläinen, Dr in 1997. Dynamic genepools of barley.

Henrik Hedlund, Dr in 1999. Temperature distribution and plant responses of birch .

Rickard Jonsson, Dr in 2001. Breeding for resistance to barley net blotch (Pyrenophora teres).

Marianne Paulsson, Lic in 1988. Genetic relationship between fungal species.

Magnus Gröntoft, Lic in 1988. Resistens mot svartfläcksjuka (Alternaria spp.) i oljeväxter.

Articles and abstracts

My bibliography includes several biological disciplines, which reflect my employments and interests as botanist, evolutionist, breeder and resistance biologist.



Gustafsson, M., Kulturlandskap och Flora på Bjärehalvön, Lund.


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Lehman, L.C., Jönsson, R. and Gustafsson, M , Identification of resistance genes to powdery mildew isolated from Hordeum vulgare ssp. spontaneum and land races of barley. Sv. Utsädesf. Tidsskr. 108: 94-101.


Jonsson, R., Säll, T., Kraft, T. and Gustafsson, M., Inheritance of resistance to Pyrenophora teres f. teres in spring barley. Plant Breeding 118: 313-317.

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Gustafsson, M., Inventering av vegetation och flora på bronsåldershögar I Ängelholms kommun. (Inventory of vegetation and flora on the mounds in the community of Ängelholm)

European Cultural Paths. Report.

Gustafsson, M., Dagens vegetation och flora på Bjärehalvöns bronsåldershögar. (Inventory of the vegetation and the flora on the mounds of the Bjäre peninsula)

European Cultural Paths. Report.

Sandskär, B. and Gustafsson, M., Classification of apple scab resistance in an unsprayed assortment orchard. In Fischer, C. Proceedings of the Eucarpia symposium on fruit breeding and genetics. Acta Horticulturae 538: 79-81.

Gustafsson, M., Vegetation och flora på bronsåldershögar i Malmö kommun. (Inventory of vegetation and flora on the mounds in the community of Malmö) Stadsantikvariska avdelningen, Kultur Malmö


Fribrock, B. And Gustafsson, M., Kulturlandskap och Flora på Bjärehalvön, Lund.

Sandskäer, B. and Gustafsson, M., Susceptibility to apple scab in twenty-two apple varieties in Sweden. Submitted to Plant Disease

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