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Dr. Eoin Grogan MA

Eoin specialises in landscape archaeology, social and political analysis of prehistoric societies, GIS, and the Late Bronze Age. He worked in the Department of Archaeology, University College Dublin as a researcher (1974-89) and Deputy Director on the excavations at Knowth, Co. Meath (1980-85), and as a Lecturer (1980-92). He completed his MA (Neolithic houses in Ireland) in 1980, and his PhD (on the early prehistoric landscape of North Munster) in UCD in 1989. Eoin was Director of the North Munster Project in the Discovery Programme (1992-2000) and Director of the Lake Settlement Project (until 2002).

Other Projects

Archaeological Survey of County Wicklow (1989-1992) (Duchás The Heritage Service).

Co-Director (1989-92, with Professor Gabriel Cooney, UCD) of the Irish Stone Axe Project (UCD).

Publication (1987, with Professor George Eogan) of Seán Ó Ríordáin’s excavations (1940-1954) at Lough Gur, Co. Limerick.

Publication (forthcoming) of Sean Ó Ríordáin’s excavations (1952-1955) at Tara (The Rath of the Synods), Co. Meath.

The Walton Basin, Wales: Survey Exploration and Preservation of the Archaeological Heritage (SEPAH). EU funded project with Dr. Alex Gibson, Dr. Helmut Becker, Mr. Nigel Jones, and Mr. Barry Masterson.


1993 Grogan, E. and Hillery, T. A Guide to the Archaeology of County Wicklow, Ross Enterprises, Greystones.

1994 Cooney, G. and Grogan, E. Irish Prehistory. a social perspective, Wordwell, Dublin.

1997 Grogan, E. and Kilfeather, A. Archaeological Inventory of County Wicklow, Office of Public Works, Dublin.

1999 Grogan, E. The Late Bronze Age hillfort at Mooghaun South, Discovery Programme, Dublin.

Selected articles


Grogan, E. Excavation of an Iron Age Burial Mound at Furness, Journal of the Kildare Archaeological Society 21, 298-316.


Grogan, E. and Eogan, G. Lough Gur excavations by Seán P. Ó Ríordáin: further Neolithic and Beaker habitations on Knockadoon. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 87C, 299-506.


Grogan, E. The pipeline sites and the prehistory of the Limerick area, in M. Gowen, Three Irish Gas Pipelines: New Archaeological Evidence in Munster, 148-57, Dublin.


Cooney, G. and Grogan, E. An archaeological solution to the ´Irish´ Problem?, Emania 9, 33-43.

Grogan, E. Radiocarbon dates from Brugh na Bóinne, Appendix in G. Eogan, Prehistoric and early historic culture change at Brugh na Bóinne, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 91C, 126-32


Sheridan, A., Cooney, G. and Grogan, E. Stone axes studies in Ireland, Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 58, 389-416.


Grogan, E., Condit, T., O´Carroll, F. and O´Sullivan, A. A preliminary assessment of the prehistoric

landscape of the Mooghaun study area, Discovery Programme Reports 2, 47-56, The Discovery Programme/ Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.


Grogan, E., Condit, T., O´Carroll, F., O´Sullivan, A. and Daly, A. Tracing the late prehistoric landscape in North Munster, Discovery Programme Reports 4, 26-46, The Discovery Programme/Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.

Grogan, E. Neolithic Houses in Ireland, in T. Darvill and J. Thomas (eds) Neolithic Houses in Northwest Europe and Beyond, 41-60, Neolithic Studies Group Seminar Papers 1, Oxbow Monograph 57, Oxford.


Cooney, G. and Grogan, E. People and Place during the Irish Neolithic: Exploring Social Change in Time and Space, in M. Edmonds and C. Richards (eds) Understanding the Neolithic of north-western Europe. 456-480, Cruithne Press.

Grogan, E. Eighteenth century headstones and the stone mason tradition in county Wicklow: the work of Dennis Cullen of Monaseed, Wicklow Archaeology and History 1, 41-63.


Grogan, E. and Condit, T. The Funerary Landscape of Clare in Space and Time, 9-29, in C. Ó Murchadha (ed.) County Clare Studies. Essays in Memory of Gerald O’Connell, Seán Ó Murchadha, Thomas Coffey and Pat Flynn, Clare Archaeological and Historical Society, Ennis.

Forthcoming books

Grogan, E. The North Munster Project. The later prehistoric landscape of south-east Clare, Discovery Programme Monographs.

Grogan, E. The North Munster Project. The later prehistory of North Munster, Discovery Programme Monographs.

Grogan, E., Velzian-Donaghy, C. and Caulfield, S. Excavations at Tara, Co Meath by Seán P. Ó Ríordáin: the Rath of the Synods, UCD Archaeological Monographs.

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