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Ants Kraut

Born on 19 September 1955 in Krasnojarsk, Hakassi Autonomous District, Russia

Education and further studies:

1973 Tallinn Sports College; chess
1978 University of Tartu; history, archaeology, social sciences
2001 Estonian Business School, MA studies in public administration and international business administration



1993 National Heritage Board, chief inspector of archaeological monuments
1982 - 1993

Scientific Council of Museums and Monuments of the Ministry of Culture, chairman

1978 - 1981

Scientific Council of Museums and Monuments of the Ministry of Culture; Head of Archaeological Monuments Department


Member of ICOMOS Estonian National Committee

Member of European Association of Archaeologists

Member of Europae Archaeologiae Consilium

Member of Aerial Archaeology Research Group

Member of Estonian Archaeological Society

Member of Estonian Heritage Society

Member of Estonian Society of Prehistoric Art

Member of Estonian Society of Native Place Research

Member of Estonian Place Names Council

Member of Meteorititic Council, Estonian Academy of Sciences




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Arheologitseskie raskopki v Kuusalu / Archäologische Ausgrabungen in Kuusalu. Izv. AN ON. -1981.-T.30 ,Nr 4. - C.408-411.


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Türi kihelkond muinasajal. Kilde Türi kihelkonna ja linna ajaloost II, forthcoming, Türi 2002, 1-10.

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