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David Thompson, BA

David's main interests lie in landscape archaeology, agricultural history and aerial archaeology. He has been employed by Gwynedd Archaeological Trust since 1985, and is now Principal Archaeologist in charge of Heritage Management as well as the Trust's Deputy Director.


Most of David's work remains non-project based, and is concerned with offering information and advice relating to the management of the historic environment of north-west Wales. This advice is given in various ways to landowners, managers, and other environmental bodies who have an interest in the landscapes of the area.

Recently, however, he has been heavily involved in the development of a methodology for historic landscape characterization as part of a pan-Wales approach to the subject. To this end he has been involved in work in the modern counties of Gwynedd and Anglesey, as well as Snowdonia National Park.

Selected publications from recent years:

1998: Medieval or later deserted rural settlements in Wales: north-west Wales (Historic Scotland MOLRS report)

1999: The archaeology of the Gwynedd Uplands (Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments: Wales web report)

2000: Deserted rural settlement: a strategy for recording and a framework for conservation (Ruralia III - joint authorship)

2001: The uses of aerial photography in historic landscape characterisation in Wales (Aerial Archaeology Research Group, vol. 22)

Forthcoming: A past brittle with relics: Welsh landscapes of opportunity (Institute of Field Archaeologists Conference Proceedings, 1999)

Forthcoming: Caring for Historic Landscapes (Cadw publications, 2002)

Forthcoming: Caring for Field Monuments (Cadw publications - 2002 - joint authorship)

Plus numerous unpublished on historic landscape characterisation and related subjects

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