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Laholm Municipality

Laholm is both the oldest and the smallest town in Halland. Laholm is situated on the southernmost river in Halland, the Lagan. The municipality has about 23,000 inhabitants, of whom some 6,000 live in the town itself. Laholm is an agricultural municipality, with a greater proportion than the national average employed in that sector.

Laholm can offer its inhabitants sea and plains, forests and an urban environment, and the favourable geographical location with good communications means that they are part of the new shared Europe.

The municipal policy on culture and leisure is based on an aspiration for a democratic society which is permeated by interest in and respect for cultural values, on a holistic view of people’s needs, and on everyone’s right to participate. Culture and leisure activities should give the inhabitants of the municipality access to a rich and varied range of culture and leisure activities.


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