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Culture 2000

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Halland County Council

Halland County Council works above all with healthcare (90%) but also in many other sectors. Culture is an important part of a good living environment. Halland County Council therefore supports many cultural activities, such as Music in Halland, Theatre Halland, the Halland County Museums Foundation, and the County Library. The County Council is also the biggest art purchaser in the county.

Halland County Council views culture as a significant part of a good living environment and important for the development of society and the individual. The County Council provides financial support to many cultural activities and projects. In this way we help many people to gain access to culture.

Halland County Council is responsible for supporting regional culture and activities of regional interest. Our cultural policy includes the needs of children and young people, accessibility for the whole county, the Halland profile, cross-border cooperation, and support for increased awareness and knowledge of art and culture.


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