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Culture 2000

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Press Comments

The Forest of Bowland - A news-sheet, 01.01.2002

Natural & Cultural Heritage

European Pathways to the Cultural Landscape

This scheme contains 12 individual projects from 10 countries across Europe, each looking at the cultural landscape from a variety of perspectives. The linking themes are understanding, management and communication.

Central to the project is the exchange of ideas between the project partners. Two meetings have been held this year The first was convened to discuss the methodology of Historic Landscape Characterisation and was a great success. It was held in Lancaster in May 2001, and was hosted by the English partners. In October; a second meeting took place in Trentino, northern Italy, where the subjects of physical access to the cultural landscape and cultural tourism were explored in the Paneveggio Natural Park.

The outputs from the project in Lancashire will include two physical trails and a web site offering a virtual fly through of the survey area in Bowland.

For further details contact Jo Clarke on 01772 264025


Members of the Culture 2000 group being shown around a woodland in the Paneveggio National Park

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