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Press Comments

Cyfeillion Friends, 01.11.2001

European Pathways to the Cultural Landscape

This three-year project is being funded as part of the European Union´s Culture 2000 programme, with match-funding from Cadw. The main aim of the project is to explore opportunities for public participation in their local cultural landscapes in poor areas of Europe (Wales qualifies because of its Objective One status), and to share experiences and approaches to the subject across the European Union. To this end, this project is a joint undertaking involving twelve projects in ten countries (Germany, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, England, Ireland and Walesl), making this the largest project funded under the Culture 2000 programme. Each individual project has its own aims, timetable and work programme which fit together to form a larger umbrella project, and regular liaison between partners involves email contact, a joint web site (currently being constructed), leaflet publication and a series of six seminars hosted by different partners.

The Trust´s project builds on the historic landscape characterisation work which we have been carrying out recently, and the European funding is intended to take this step further by involving the public in exploring what they understand by "cultural landscapes". The area involved is bounded by Caernarfon in the north, Snowdon in the east and Aberdesach in the south west, and is centred on the former slate-quarrying area of Dyffryn Nantlle. The main Cadw-funded part of this project has bee completed, and talks with various local authority officers and community leaders are underway. In addition, Dave Thom son and Dafydd Gwyn attended the first of the scheduled seminars, in Lancaster in May, and gave a presentation on the Welsh project. Material has also been supplied for the web site which is being put together by the (German) project co-ordinators.

This project marks an important step forward for the Trust, as it is literally putting its work (and the archaeology of the area) on the international map, and making its presence known to a very wide audience. This is the second such project for some of the organisations involved, and it is clear that many want to see continued participation in such joint´ undertakings: so it may lead on to other things.

author: David Thompson

design: Kai M. Wurm
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